Just Finish 80 slide

I got a job for making power point presentation. The task was to make 80 slides from a pdf format previous slide. When I start the work I make 20 slides and the client rejected. Because I was added some picture from google and I thought my work is to make a new slide with the previous content. But the client wants the just convert the pdf to ppt. That means I have to make a new slide exactly looks like the pdf format slide. It is not too easy. The client needs the font aUbuntuto and the color of the text is specified with html color code.

After 4/5 days working I just complete the task and now I am reviewing the slide that I make. I will send it to my client soon. Hope the next job will more challenging.


Midnight 5 15 17

It`s midnight and I am working. I thought I will start reading book after completing my today’s work. But It seems impossible right now. I think I have to work for more 2/3h. After that, I should take some rest. But I will try to read any novel for a couple of minutes after finishing my job.

Feeling Great by Getting Books :)

I ordered 4 books on Ecommerce website on 30 April. I get it today evening. The books are related to IELTS preparation .I wanna get a good mark on IELTS. I want to study hard for my IELTS exam.Ā  Wanna start reading this books tonight. I am working for my client and after finishing my task I will start reading one book among them. Now time to work and then study hard šŸ™‚

The Busy Time

The July is gone so faster than other months for me. Ā  I work hard all over the month is the result and reward are not good enough. I can`t manage a single hour for a new blog post. I make something interesting in this month. With some of my friends, senior brother, and junior I catch fish from our university pond. It was really very interesting. Another thing is a noticeboard. I made it by cork sheetĀ  , rapping with colored paper. I can set any paper with pin on the board easily. It helps me to make a list of my work.

Lazy or Industrious !

The month of May is gone . About two weeks of June is gone. The month of Ramadan is started. I don’t write anything in this time and I break my promise of write at least a single post every month.

I am not so much ashamed of thatĀ  because I am satisfied by somethingĀ  that I made in this time.

I read about 45 chapter of GRE vocabulary among 74 chapter of this book.

I make a blog website for my client and anotherĀ  e-commerce website has a good progress.

I was installed Linux and I know many things about it. I will install it again on my laptop and I will solve the issue that I faced in the first time.

But my learning PHP is getting so lengthy , I have to concern about it.I hope I can do it.



I have to be homesick right now and I was homesick before two or three months ago. There is something happened in those days that make me undesirous. I really don`t know the exact reason for that. But I guess what is responsible for that. There are a couple of things that are related to change my mind. Something very personal includes here. I want to be homesick again but I can`t. My mind is not here and my mind is not at home. I don`t know the destination of my mind. I just know that my mind is not stable.

Lonely & Lonely

I just back from one of the beautiful sea beach of Bangladesh with my three friends.There was a lot of fun and relaxing. I was basking in the beach and take delicious food.The watermelon was really awesome.I see the beauty of the moon in the sea beach and the sunset.The light of the moon create an eye-catching effect when it down on the wave. I purchase some gift for my family and friends.Everything was so reasonable there.Overall the tour was so enjoyable.But in this time when I was writing about the tour I am not so happy.I don`t know why But I am getting depressed.Today was busiest and lonely day.


I think every man get a chance to make a justice for other. If they make bias from their position and nobody forĀ  the explanation they can do whatever he likes. They think nobody will ask anything for their work. It will make the favor for someone and make disdain for someone.When someone getĀ  power he getting arrogance. They forget that there is someone for making their justice. I will say nothing to them who make me disappointed by their bias. I forgive all the people in the world before sleeping. But I know someone see me and give me paitance.I am very greatful for thet.I am waiting for see the justice of the people who make bias, who make me disappointed.





This is the unique month that has 28-29 days and I learn it when I was little children.But it has many reasons for be a unique month. The international mother language day is today include in this month.I am proud of the international mother language day.If you have any confusion about that why I am proud fo this day.I say I am Bangladeshi and now you can search Google for the day`s history and you will find your answer.14 February was the so-called valentine`s day.It take a place in our country asĀ  a culture.I believe that it is nothing but a business issue for some business man.There are some other days called kiss day, hug day, chocolate day………………… I have not much time for celebrating this day.I had an exam on 15 February so the study was my only dating for the valentines day.It doesn’t mean that If I had no exam on 15 February I will get a date with somebody.I am alone and I like to be alone.I never fill loneliness.

Future !

I am laying idle in my room.My exam is coming soon, but I don`t know when it will start.I can not concentrate on study.IĀ stop learning PHP programming for my exam.I want to work hard for my exam but I can`t.I little worry about my future.I know my CGPA will not create my future but it has a value in the society and world.I want to be a professional web-developerĀ  and I want to be a Petroleum engineer.Somebody says that it impossible to work for making two careers in the same time.But I believe ” Impossible Is Nothing”.I want to getĀ  a Ph.D degree about petroleum and develop plugins for WordPress in future.That is my goal.